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Our success is defined by our customers’ success.

By partnering with TechCorp Africa we set success criteria with the sole purpose of making sure you get the results you want – every day.



SMS solutions built just for you. We provide you with the best sms experience in any part of the world. Try a demo and experience our service free of charge.

Digital payment solutions


Africa is quickly changing  toward a cashless economy. TechCorp Africa is  looking to support merchants through this transition by enabling them better serve their customers whether they are paying at an online merchant, at home for deliveries, or at their favorite department store.



Remittances are critical to the lives of millions of people  and micro-enterprises  in developing countries.

With over 200 million people living outside their home countries and an estimated  remittances of  USD 93 billion per year to the developing world, remittance becomes the second most important resource of external funding in developing countries.

Connecting communities in Africa by redefining the digital landscape.

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